Best Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Best Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Fudge Brownie ….. This easy home-made Brownie Chocolate is so delicious, tasty and fudgy. Delicious gooey chocolate brownies can be adored fresh from the oven. The best part is easy to prepare, will take about 40 minutes for preparation and cooking.

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Let’s have a look at our simple recipe.

Fudge Brownie



  1. chocolate bar – 225 grams
  2. Butter (melted) – 175 grams
  3. Sugar – 250g
  4. Eggs – 2
  5. All Purpose flour (wheat flour) – 95g (3/4 cup)
  6. Vanilla Extract
  7. Cocoa powder – 30g
  8. Salt

Preparation of chocolate fudge brownie recipe:

  1. Break the chocolate bar into chunks and place half of the chocolate in microwave oven till it melts.
  2. Take a bowl and mix the melted butter and sugar completely.
  3. Add 2 complete eggs and vanilla extract to it and mix it until it becomes fluffy.
  4. Add the melted chocolate and blend it again.
  5. Now filter All-purpose flour, cocoa powder and salt and blend into the mixture.
  6. Add the remaining chocolate chunks and mix it well.
  7. Take a square baking dish and add a parchment paper to the dish and transfer the batter into the dish.
  8. Bake the batter for 20-25 minutes in microwave oven on 350 degrees F.
  9. Cool it completely and serve for great taste.


  1. Make sure the melted chocolate is not too hot when you add it in the mixture. The eggs may cook sometimes, if it is too hot.
  2. Do not over mix the batter after adding flour and cocoa powder, to avoid cake like texture.
  3. Whisk your Butter and sugar batter well.
  4. Ghirardelli, Lindt, Baker brand chocolates tastes good.
  5. Optional Add On: Peanuts, pecans, Almonds, walnuts, dry fruits, Choco chips, etc. You can choose according to your taste.

Nutritional statistics

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts


Chocolate lover … ? then You should try this. It might be your favorite one.

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